The clinic is surrounded by 15 hectares of forest, grass fields and paddocks where your horses can recover in a natural environment.

The clinic was built paying special attention to ecology and sustainability.

The clinic’s heating system is a bioboiler where the horse manure is used as biofuel. The entire clinic is equipped with a natural fly-buster system to reduce insect burden and to keep the as clinic clean as possible. All rainwater is collected in large reservoirs and re-used. This ensures that valuable water is not wasted. The site has its own water purifying system.

All waste is carefully sorted and recycled.

The garden around the clinic was landscaped as naturally as possible with native plants and shrubs. 

This project was realised with the support of the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development i.s.m. Lage Kempen Regional Landscape through the PDPO project:

Twenty-two trees were planted in the fields around the horse clinic. They protect the horses and ensure more biodiversity.

At each entrance, two linden trees that attract bees, welcome the horses. In the fields, the trees provide shade for the recovering horses. Around the clinic, 500 meters were planted with native, edible plants. This edge provides a highway for small animals and offers treats for the horses to enjoy. 1500 m2 of medicinal herb strips were planted between the fields.

While being good for the horses, they also offer a nectar buffet for butterflies and bees. The fields are no longer injected with fertiliser, which gives herbs more chance to grow. After a soil analysis, the shortages in the soil will be tackled with natural means to stimulate life in the soil. 3 swallow towers were built to provide homes for these endangered and useful insect catchers.


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