There is more and more awareness on the importance of healthy equine teeth. Every horse will experience some kind of dental problem in its lifetime. This is why at EquiTom we offer a wide variety of dental diagnostics and treatment at Equitom.

Prevention is the key to healthy teeth.

During the dental examination, the first head is inspected and palpated. Then the oral cavity is examined thoroughly. At Equitom we use an oroscope (camera used to inspect the mouth) to provide a very detailed image of the teeth and to visualise even barely visible problems. By presenting your horse for dental check-ups twice a year, mild or starting issues can be dealt with immediately. The natural wear of the molars can lead to sharp points on the outside of the upper jaw and inside of the lower jaw. These sharp points are painful and can lead to lesions of the cheeks and tongue. To reduce the discomfort, the horse will adjust its mastication pattern and this will lead to further problems. Sharp points are easily reduced with a rasp. At Equitom, a silent electronic dental rasp with water cooling system is available which allows swift treatments without risk of thermal damage.

Apart from preventative care Equitom offers specialised dental treatment. Radiography, scintigraphy and CT allow us to perform an accurate diagnosis and provide detailed images of dental- and sinus problems.

Through the rapid evolution of dental care, many treatments have become a lot less invasive and radical. At Equitom we incorporate the newest techniques and use the most cutting edge equipment for an optimal result. Most procedures can be performed on the standing sedated animal, examples are dental extractions (classical and minimally invasive transbuccal approach), widening of diastemas, treatment of sinus conditions,… More involved surgeries can also be performed under general anaesthesia and under CT guidance.


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