Shady Taghizadeh DVM en Sigrid Vanden Berghe are responsible for the aftercare of most surgical patients at Equitom. They closely monitor the progress and healing of the surgical sites and provides optimal wound care. They will inform you on how your horse is doing and will be able to answer all questions you may have.

Proper bandaging is of utmost importance and Equitom is equipped with a wide variety of wound dressings to support the different stages of wound healing. For large wounds or wounds with poor healing skin grafts are applied. Equitom has had fantastic results with the use of “Meek grafts”, a method of skin grafting that allows for a large surface to be covered by a specially prepared small piece of donor skin.

To stimulate rapid repair the use of “cold laser” can be utilised. Laser therapy has proven results in reducing pain, inflammation and aids healing in both animals and people by stimulating blood supply, cell differentiation and the release of certain growth factors.

They are the people to consult about the use of the different feed supplements. They know exactly how all the different components work and will be able to advise which one would benefit your horse most.


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