The orthopedic and revalidation service is led by Lothar Vanslambrouck DVM, in collaboration with the orthopedists team They take care of all problems regarding movement and sports medicine for horses of all levels, from amateur to highest level of competition.

The orthopedic team strives to find the most accurate diagnosis, to determine and execute the best possible treatment, adapted to the pathology of your horse.

An orthopedic consultation takes about 1 to 2 hours, and goes as follows:

  • The vet will first need information about the patient history (it is important that the owner shares all details in regard to the problem, including all reports of previous performed examinations by other veterinarians).
  • Then, they will observe the horse while resting and while moving (in the circle on solid or soft soil and on the straight line), where they might perform some flexion tests.
  • If a lameness is detected, the vet can in dialogue with the owner perform additional examinations (regional anesthesia, Radiography, Ultrasonography)

The Orthopaedics Department works closely with the Medical Imaging Department, which can make very detailed diagnoses using MRI, CT and Scintigraphy

In certain locomotor problems, the horse may only show symptoms of pain or lameness under specific circumstances (e.g. under saddle). Do not hesitate to bring your saddle, or make a video recording if necessary.

Once the problem is diagnosed, they can start treating the horse.

Equitom is equipped to perform the following treatments:

  • Infiltration of the tendons, joints or ligaments with:

- anti-inflammatory medication

PRP (platelet rich plasma)

IRAP (Interleukin-1 Receptor Antagonist Protein)

- Stemcells

- Alpha2-globuline


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