Solarium :

A hygienic space with modified solarium is also provided in the reception area.




The solarium has relaxing effect on the horses and improves the circulation. The infrared lights are a supplementary source of vitamin D in winter and it warms the muscles. The solarium therefore provides a better metabolism and recovery of the muscles.

The team uses the solarium in these situations:

  •      The daily care taking of our hospitalised horses
  •      Horses right before entering the aqua trainer or spa
  •      Some horses right before a specific examination or treatment (e.g. infiltration of the back)
  •      Horses after heavy transpiration, to wash and dry their coats (e.g. after transport or work)

Furthermore the solarium can be used to shave, wash and clean the horses.

Thanks to the solarium we can dry the wet coats of horses after washing them, to make sure they dry quickly and don’t become ill or develop stiff muscles in winter. 


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