The spa:

What’s a spa?

The spa is a cold-water bath with jet stream

Who can use it?

As for humans, every horse can benefit from this treatment.

The spa can be used for precautionary measures (relaxation, relief for muscles and tendons after intensive training or in preparation of intensive training or competition) or for treating purposes (decreasing inflammation and acceleration of the healing process).


The horse is placed, similar to the aquatrainer, in the basin.  Once the horse is at ease, the water will be added. The level of water will be determined individually for each horse, depending on its abilities, goals and medical history. A spa session will take between 10 and 20 minutes.

Benefits of the spa:

The salt water has a purifying and healing effect on the horse’s body.

The ‘jets’ will relax the horse and provide a direct mechanical stimulation of the blood flow and muscle metabolism.


The spa will improve the healing and decrease the inflammation and is indicated for horses with:

  • Tendon injuries (tendinitis)
  • Inflamed joints (arthritis)
  • Swollen limbs (lymphangitis, stable legs)
  • Skin lesions (pododermatitis, dermatitis…)
  • Laminitis
  • Bad healing wounds

Several elements are responsible for the efficiency of the spa treatment:

  • Low temperature (between 4 & 6°C) 

Reducing inflammation with decrease in swelling, heath and pain

Draining effect (reducing oedema)

  • Jet stream of water rich in oxygen

Decrease of swelling due to the pressure of the water (lymphangitis)

Massage and relaxing effect

Better wound healing

  • Concentration of salts:  

 Draining effect (decrease swelling).

Disinfection and better healing of skin lesions and wounds


The combination of these 3 elements explains a significant acceleration of the healing process.

Process of a spa session:

  • A complete screening of the horse will take place.
  • After screening the objectives and goals will be defined in collaboration with the owner. 
  • Establishment of an individual schedule and follow-up.
  • For hygienic purposes, every horse is showered and washed before each session.
  • A dedicated person will guide the horse throughout the whole session.
  • At the end of each session, the horse will be placed under the solarium, to dry and relax completely.


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