A treadmill is an automatic system that allows different horses to be walked  for a certain time at the same time and at the same place. Equitom has a large treadmill, inside the hospital to give the horses just the extra comfort they need and to protect them from harsh weather. The hard surface is ideal for the tendons and muscles. The walls on the sides are high and finished to prevent accidents. Thanks to the special way the horses are separated from one another inside the treadmill the horses feel free and less ‘confined’. With a diameter of 20 metres 6 horses can train at the same time in this large treadmill.


A treadmill is ideal for:


·       Repair of lesions in the joints, tendons, ligaments and muscles.

Regular and controlled movement is the base of each rehabilitation program. A better blood circulation for the tissues begets a faster repair as the regular use of muscles and tendons without overloading them makes sure the tendons, muscles and ligaments get stronger.

·       Preservation and/or building up stamina.

·       Warming up horses before working them as well as cooling down after work.


Regular walking of hospitalised horses:


Colic: movement stimulates intestinal motility. Walking several times a day is necessary for horses that are being treated for colic. Also for horses after colic surgery or even other surgeries walking can be very helpful for rehabilitation. After every surgery the intestinal tract needs several days to become fully functional and motile again.

Swollen limbs and joints: Walking stimulates the circulation and drainage of lymfe and is therefore an important help for the treatment of these conditions.

After certain surgeries: Last years more and more horses that were operated are being given the chance for controlled movement for two specific reasons:


For one the stimulate the intestinal motility. We don’t only think about about colic surgeries but also other surgeries such as cesareans, certain tumors, cloacas and recto-vaginal fistulas but also several surgeries regarding the limbs to prevent adhesions and become a good circulation and drainage.

On the other side to raise morale. Horses are often very stressed after surgery because they have no idea what’s going on and are not used to these kind of situations. These pre- and post-operative periods are so stressful for some horses that even life-threatening complications such as intestinal paralysis (ileus), intestinal inflammation (colitis) and even laminits can occur. The Equitom team are therefor extra cautions during the post-operative period for every horse present at the clinic. It is therefore extremely important that every horse that had surgery is being walks post-operative. Additionally it raises morale and has a positive influence on the healing process.


Thanks to this treadmill we can offer your horse its daily movement in a veterinary controlled environment in our rehabilitation centre.









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