The surgery service at Equitom is world-renowned. Tom Mariën has more than 28 years of experience and has built a rock-solid international reputation. Equitom is world-renowned as «the clinic of last hope».

In recent years, he built a team of 5 top surgeons around him and they operate more than 3,000 horses a year. Mathieu Foucaud, head surgeon on duty, is committed every day to developing new surgical techniques with his team in order to push the boundaries of surgery.

In that way, he and his team want to remain at the top in the future.

Equitom is equipped with

5 Recovery boxes

3 Operating Rooms for surgery (1 CT-scan assisted, 1 Ultra sterile, 1 standard)

1 Operating Room for standing surgery

Orthopedic surgery

Soft tissue surgery


Ophthalmology and eye surgery 


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