Dorsal Displacement of the Soft Palate (DDSP)

The soft palate sits below the epiglottis against the larynx, forming a seal. In some horse, the soft palate can be displaced upward, over the epiglottis causing upper airway obstruction, respiratory noise  and decreased performance at speed. Intermittent displacement can be due to many causes, one of which is the shape of the epiglottis. When horses are scoped, the veterinarian most often comments on the size, shape, and tone of the epiglottis. A horse with a large, long, firm epiglottis is less likely to displace than one with a small, short, flaccid epiglottis (Auer & Stick, 2012). 

Again, there are multiple treatments that can be used alone or in combination.

DDSP caused by medical problems are sometimes amenable to medical treatment.

abnormalities or non‐responsive to medical treatment can be corrected with surgical treatments, such as a Laryngeal Tie‐Forward, Myectomy, and shortening of the soft palate.


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