CT (Computer Tomography)

A CT-scan provides a detailed image of the bone structures and an overview of the soft tissue of the lower part of the horse’s leg, stifle, elbow, head and neck.

The examination of the lower part of the leg, stifle, elbow and neck is done under general anesthesia, whereas a scan of the head can be done on a standing horse. Indications for a CT-scan of the head and neck are problems with teeth, sinuses, fractures of the jaw, skull and vertebra, osteoarthritis of the cervical facet joints or neurologic problems localized to the brain or the cervical spinal cord.

A CT-scan of the limb is useful for complex fractures where CT provides a much more detailed picture than conventional radiographs, for horses with different problems in the same leg, and for horses whose temperament prevents a standing MRI examination.

A CT-scan of the stifle is recommended when there is a suspicion of cartilage damage, cysts or meniscus and cruciate ligament lesions.



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