Discover the world of Equitom

In the heart of Limburg, Belgium, Equitom became the largest equine clinic in Europe.

Founded by equine surgeon Tom Mariën in 2001, Equitom's journey began humbly with a small shed in the woods where Tom single-handedly built his operating theater. It's an unique and fascinating story of a man with a true passion for horses. A visionary who dedicated his life to equine medicine and especially surgery.

Discover his world and seize your chance to look behind the scenes of one of the most innovative equine clinics in the world that receives clients from 70 countries and is nicknamed "the clinic of last hope" worldwide.

The tour begins at the forest, where it all began.... During this walk you will discover the beautiful and unique infrastructure and visit the different departments of the equine clinic. You will start in the stables, where as many as 150 hospitalized horses can be accommodated. From there you will go to the medical imaging department. A service much like a human hospital, with some of the most innovative technologies such as an MRI scan, CT scan, bone scan and the unique Robot CT scanner.

Then you you will be invited to the orthopedics and rehabilitation department of the clinic, where horses with orthopedic complaints are examined and treated. Horses with joint and tendon problems, horses with back problems, etc. Sport horses are also treated and rehabilitated here.

You will also have the opportunity to visit our new building and its state of the art surgical facilities. The futuristic looking, fully digital, glass operating room, is unique in the world and allows us to stream surgeries live around the world. If you are lucky and there are no meetings scheduled that day, you will be able to visit the clinic's museum. There you will discover a collection of equine fossils and other treasures that are millions of years old....

Finally, you will go to the internal medicine department where you will take a look at the intensive care unit and maybe get the chance to attend an operation.

Equitom embodies a blend of passion for horses, medicine, and innovation, seamlessly integrated with nature, creating an atmosphere of tranquility and serenity.

Duration of the visit: 1h30.

Persons per visit: Max. 30 people per group and max. 2 groups at the same time.

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