What is it?

The aquatrainer is a treadmill placed in a basin filled with water.

Who can use it?

Every horse can benefit from this service!!

 This type of hydrotherapy is very efficient in improving the physical condition as well as the muscle mass.

Several programs will be offered, whether it is for rehabilitation or training purposes.

 The aquatrainer is great for horses that have been out for a longer period (operation, tendon injury…) to help them recover faster and at the same time gain muscles and improve their physical condition.

A major advantage of the aquatrainer is that it can already be used at an early stage in the rehabilitation program and that there is scientific proof it stimulates better and faster healing.

How does it work? 

The horse will be placed safely in the basin. The treadmill will slowly follow the horse’s movement. Once the horse is confident and calm, the treadmill will be turned on and the water level will increase.

The pace, angle and level of the water will be determined by the pre-set goals and/or medical history. At the end of the session, the water will be evacuated gradually.

Benefits of water therapy:

As the water level increases, the horse’s weight will decrease (reducing gravity). Therefore, the joints, the bones, the ligaments and tendons can move without being overloaded. The blood flow is stimulated and healing improves. Another advantage is that exercise in water will stimulate the muscles. It’s an excellent workout for the hindquarters and the back. The horse’s back mobility and flexibility will improve.

 In a later stage of the rehabilitation, the amount of water will be reduced in order to gradually increase loading on tendons, ligaments and joints.

To summarize:

The aquatrainer is a water treadmill allowing a safe and progressive rehabilitation of the injured horse. 

It can also be used without water, as a basic treadmill.


  •  Development and strengthening of the muscles.
  •  Strengthening of the back: increasing flexibility and reinforcing the back muscles.
  •  Rehabilitation after tendon, ligament or joint injuries.
  •  Helping the horse get back in shape after a long period of inactivity (due to injuries, illness, surgery, etc.).
  •  Increasing health and performance in a sport horse.   
  •     Each horse can benefit from an aquatrainer. An individual program, adapted to the horses needs and its medical history is provided.

In a nutshell

Besides triggering the muscles, the aquatrainer also offers a moment of massage and relaxation to your horse.

After a few sessions, the horse’s physical condition will increase significantly.

Increasing the water level will decrease gravity. This will not only protect injured tendons, ligaments and joints from overloading during the workout, but improved blood supply will also stimulate the healing at the same time.


Process of an aquatrainer session:

- A complete screening of the horse will take place.

- After screening, the goals will be defined in collaboration with the owner.  

- Establishment of an individual schedule and follow-up.

- For hygienic purposes, every horse is showered before each session.

- A dedicated person will guide the horse throughout the whole session.

- At the end of each session, the horse will be put under the solarium, to dry and relax completely.







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