Indoor riding arena :


An indoor riding arena (50x25m) with “high and low tide footing” is present at the orthopedics centre:

The high and low tide footing system guarantees a stable surface and can be adapted to our preferences to provide optimal conditions for horses with joint, tendon or muscle injuries. Because of this automatic irrigation and watering system the moisture of the sand is always on the required level resulting in an arena surface that is never too dry or too wet.

The luxurious workmanship is designed to provide optimal comfort to both horse and rider. Apart from the tidal footing that guarantees a continous, optimal surface stability, we chose padoek wood for the sides and sustainable LED-lightning.


This indoor arena will be 100% available for our clients and will be used for:

  • Ridden orthopedic evaluation: some orthopaedic problems are only visible when exercising under the sadle.
  • Dynamic endoscopy: some abnormalities in the horses’ throat can lead to abnormal respiratory sounds and/or poor performance. These conditions are not always present during rest and therefore require a special, dynamic endoscope, which enables us to watch the throat while being ridden.
  • Rehabilitation: an experienced rider to further optimise the rehabilitation process can ride Horses. We can gradually increase the workload, working towards the horses’ athletic purpose.

The large dimensions of our indour arena allow the horse to only exercise on the straight line if this is required for the rehabilitation process.




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