Laparoscopic Closure of the Nephrosplenic space

The nephrosplenic ligament connects the left kidney to the spleen. In some horses the colon displaces from its normal position at the left ventral abdomen between the spleen and the left abdominal wall until it gets entrapped into the nephrosplenic space.  Horses with recurrent colic episodes caused by nephrosplenic entrapment can be managed with this laparoscopic ablation technique. The operation is performed standing under sedation and local anesthesia. Three small flank incisions are made and the nephrosplenic space is is then closed using a special suturing technique.

This technique was invented by Dr Tom Mariën himself (T Mariën et al, Laparoscopic closure of the renosplenic space in standing horses, Vet Surg, 2001; 30(6): 559-63.).


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