Back surgeries (kissing spines)

Kissing Spines: a solution exists, a new minimal invasive technique developed at Equitom !

Overriding of the dorsal spinal processes or “kissing spines” occurs when two or more dorsal spinal processes are too close together and touch each other. 

Although many horses with 'kissing spines' do not show any clinical signs, some horses do. Due to mechanic friction between the spinal processes, back pain can be induced during riding. 

Symptoms can be very mild to severe back pain. Some horses have even hypersensitivity to brushing, are resisting to the bit, have trouble with transitions, cross-cantering, bucking, head tossing, kicking out etc.

If conservative treatment is ineffective, an almost minimal invasive surgical procedure was developed at Equitom.

The affected spine is shortened by removing the top part so friction is no longer possible. The surgery requires just a small incision of about 4 cm.

At Equitom, we regularly perform this surgery. Horses come to our clinic for this specialized procedure from many surrounding countries.

The prognosis after surgery is good in most cases.

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